Maternity studio Prep Guide

Preparing for your session

My goal for your session is creating beautiful images that you will look back on and love. In doing this I spend time prepping for your session to ensure everything runs smoothy and you are at ease.

This prep guide is another step I take in preparing you for your session to help ensure that your images not only capture you in this moment, but also convey your story authentically.

In this guide I will cover; communication, what to wear, posing tips, what to bring, what I have in studio, what to expect during your session and how I select and edit your final images.

First, it is very important to communicate your vision for your images. What color backdrop would you like? Is there a pose you want incorporated during your session? Do you have something sentimental you want to bring to your session? Would you like to incorporate flowers in your session? (If you do, I provide the flowers!!) There are never too many details you can share with me to help me have a clear understanding of your vision.

The days leading up to your session I will reach out to make sure we have gone over every detail of your session. Communication is important because your body is working very heard to grow a baby. You and your little ones heath is always the priority during your session. If you aren’t feeling well the day of your session we will reschedule. Please communication with me about the status of your pregnancy and how you are feeling as this will play a role in where your session takes place and how I pose you.

What to wear

For in studio maternity sessions I have an assortment of maternity dresses to choose from. Most dresses in my closet are one size and very stretchy. If the dress you choose happens to be too large, I adjust with clamps so the dress will appear to fit perfectly. All dresses are cleaned after each use!

You do not need to choose a dress from my client closet. You can bring your own dress to your session. You are welcome to do 2 dresses/outfits during your session.

Depending on the type of dress your choose to wear you may want to wear nude colored underwear or a strapless bra. If your strapless bra is not giving you the support you need that ok, I can edit out bra straps if needed.


Your clothing should both reflect your personality and also be something you feel comfortable in!

Some clients prefer to be casual and wear jeans and a sweater, while others prefer a long, flowy dress. If you can’t decide, bring both! We will have time for two different outfits if you’d like to change in the middle.

My personal style preference for sessions is the “light airy look” which is typically pastels and/or neutral colors such as white, cream, pink, beige, grays, soft blues, etc. But if you dark, moody contrast, then please feel free to do that! Because again… the photos should be YOU! And that’s what I want to capture.

If your husband and kids are joining, I love complimentary outfits! Pinterest is a great source for outfit coordination and outfit inspiration.

If you are not using dresses from my client closet and you are looking for a maternity dress to purchase, my clients have found theirs on Amazon, Etsy and Pink Blush

Pamper yourself

There are a few thing your can do to prepare yourself to look your best for you session. I recommend getting your hair and makeup done. You have so much on your mind and I strive to offer you a stress free session, hiring a hair and make up artist is a great way to show self love and pamper yourself for you special day. It is not a must! You can do your own hair and makeup if you prefer. If you need I can refer you to some lovely hair and makeup artists.

While we are talking about papering let’s take a moment to talk about hands and feet, these will show in almost all your photos. Feel free to take this opportunity to treat yourself to a mani and pedi. Neutral colors are always flattering in photos.

In the same topic, your legs might show depending on the dress you wear, so make sure they are prepared in the way you love them.

Posing tips

I have two posing tips that will change the outcome of your photos. The first one, communicate, if you have something you are self conscious about, let me know. I want you to look at these photos and love them! It’s ok to be a little insecure about your body changing during pregnancy, it’s normal, don’t let those insecurities rob you of this amazing time in your life. Give yourself grace, after all you are growing a human!

The second tip is be yourself. The more comfortable you are in front of the camera the better your photos will look. I will pose you in a way that is faltering to you. While posing, I will either guide you through a pose or mirror for you to copy me. For family poses I will pose you and your spouse first then add in kids since they have a smaller attention span.

We often look at Pinterest and expect our photos to look like something out of a magazine, while I’m in the business of creating cover quality photos, I’m also in the business of creating unique images and my images and poses will vary from couple to couple.

Turnaround time

Turnaround time often depends on the time of year and how busy I am. Typically I deliver your proof gallery 7-14 days following your session date. Once you receive your gallery you will pick your favorite images, the number of images you get to pick will depend on what collection you purchased. After you pick your favorite images your final gallery will be delivered in 7-14 days.

What to Bring Checklist

[] Dress or any outfit being used (if you're not using a dress from my client closet)

[] Nude Underwear

[] Sentimental items incorporated in session

If you forget something don’t stress, I promise your gallery will still turnout beautiful! I spend a lot of time preparing for your session and come fully prepared for any hiccups. I have waters and snacks in the studio.

I'm looking forward to your session and can not wait to capture these memories for you!

Please let me know if you have any questions!